Refining Your Search (Using Facets)

Refining Your Search (Using Facets)

To show how to do this let’s use an example. We will search for “Kite Runner” as  book on CD (FORMAT) in Mahopac Library (LOCATION).

  • Go to your library’s online catalog.
  • Type “Kite Runer” into the search box an hit the “triangle button” to search.
  • You will get many results from this search that come up from in all different formats (books, movies, audio books, etc.) and from all libraries in the Mid-Hudson Library System.
    facets 1
  • You can use the “Refine By:” menu on the left to further refine or limit your search. For example let’s refine our search for “Kite Runner” as  a book on CD (FORMAT) in Mahopac Library (LOCATION). To do this:
    • First we will select “Book on CD” from under “Format” — the revised search list will show all Book on CDs of “Kite Runner” available from all the Mid-Hudson Library System.
      facets 2
    • Then we will select “Mahopac” from under “Location” to further limit the searched “Books on CD” down to those just owned by Mahopac Library.
      facets 3
    • The updated search list should show  only Book on CDs of “Kite Runner” owned by  Mahopac Library.

Refining Your Search Using Multiple Facets in one Category:

Now let’s search for Playaways AND Book on CDs available.

  • Go to your library’s online catalog and click on “Advanced Search”.facets 4
  • (1) Under tile put “Kite Runner”. (2) Next to FORMAT select “Book on CD”. (3) Then to add another FORMAT into your search click on the + next to FORMAT. (4)Select “Audio Book Playaway” to include Playaways as another FORMAT to search for. (5) Click “Search”.
    facets 5
  • The search list that appears should show only Book on CDs AND Audio Book Playaways of “Kite Runner” .
    facets 6